Ashley gets a new Thesaurus!

Today I went to my local Book Warehouse, where I manage to spend countless hours on any given vist. It was a short(er) vist today, as I was probably only there for about fourty-five minutes. While I went in without purpose, I soon found that I was being more productive than I had been all week! First, I searched the Canadian Content book and wrote down the names of publishers that are publishing content similar to the book I am currently working on so I can look into submitting my manuscript to them. Then I spent the rest of my time just browsing, but ended up in the dictionary section. I was just thinking yesterday about how I am sick of using and would love to have a good quality dictionary and thesaurus on my bookshelf. Low and behold, I saw the Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition staring back at me from the store shelf. I bought it for the bargin price of $5.99 (US retail price), but now I feel as though I need to buy a dictionary to accompany it. I have a Spanish-English dictionary that is larger than the average Encylopedia, but no extra-large plain English dictionary.

Now where does this sudden dictionary urgency come from? MY THESAURUS! I will admit I am a total geek and actually read both the Preface and the Introduction. Yes, to my thesaurus. Right on page xi of the introduction, before my thesaurus even starts, it advises me on how to be the best I can be (not that I want to join the army or anything). There are actually instructions on how to best use my thesaurus, and it seems as though I will not be a proficient thesaurian (that is my word for any thesaurus user) without a dictionary!

Enough rambling for now….


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