Dinner at Parkside Restaurant

My dad said there was a restaurant he wanted to try, so we got together for dinner on Sunday night and went to this place called Parkside on Haro Street. We had been to an Italian restaurant called La Buca, which is owned by the same people, and really enjoyed it so decided to test out this one.

The restaurant is on the bottom floor of this cute building in the West End and has a really nice patio with large bushes blocking it in so it is very private and peaceful. I guess they only do set menus ($65 per person), which sometimes I hate but everything looked so good that it was actually fantastic because it narrowed down my options! It helps when someone else focuses your efforts for you.

My choices were:

Mascarpone and pea tortellini, chanterelle ragu
Polderside Farms duck breast, farro, shallot purée, blueberry port wine sauce, aged balsamico
Raspberry millefeuille, hazelnut ice cream

I also ordered a drink called an Italian Job (muddled lemon and orange, Limoncello, Orancio and prosecco) which was absolutely delicious, and we shared a bottle of The Edge Pinot Noir 2006 ( New Zealand).

My tortellini was very tasty, which is strange because I don’t think it was anything super unique yet I really enjoyed it! The duck breast was INCREDIBLE! I was stuffed halfway through it but finished it all anyhow because I just didn’t want to stop eating.. the wine sauce with blueberries and cherries was sooo good. I have absolutely no complaints about it at all. For dessert I couldn’t decide because everything looked amazing, so I asked our server to surprise me. The Raspberry Millefeuille was incredible, but super sweet, which isn’t really a bad thing at all. I know the ice cream was hazelnut but I swear it tasted more like pistachio to me (which I love), but it didn’t seem to go with the rest of the dessert all that well.

And the grand total after taxes (but before tip) = a measly $220 for two people.

I suggest that you give it this place a try, but maybe find someone to take you there (family is always good for this) or take clients there and write it off as a business expense!


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