Exotic Candy – Mo’s Bacon Bar

So last night my (current) favourite local home decor store, Homewerx, was having its third anniversary party. I stopped by to check it out with a friend and of course tried not to let myself spend too much money. I managed to succeed for the most part except for one tiny problem… the chocolate bars. They had a table full of “exotic candy bars” basically a bunch of different flavours of chocolate bars. What did I see but one with a photo of a nice crisp piece of bacon on the front! Yes! BACON CHOCOLATE BARS! I had died and gone to heaven. Of course I bought one, a bargain at only $7.99. So they call it Mo’s Bacon Bar.. which is actually less than appetizing and many of my friends who I shared it with said the photo of the bacon on the front was a bit unappealing. Yet that is the reason I even noticed the bar to begin with. Maybe I am obsessed.

On first tasting, frankly, it was revolting. I have never doubted my love for bacon until the moment I first tried this chocolate bar. I could have cried if I hadn’t gone through the effort of putting on eyeliner that night. Everyone I shared it with were also disgusted. Until this life changing experience I had thought that bacon could do no wrong…

So today I decided to give it another shot. And while I am still not sure I fully agree with it, I must admit it is slightly more enjoyable today than it was last night. I am going to have to conduct some further testing before I can come up with a final decision. There are also recipes that you can use this chocolate in and the website also has handy instructions on how to eat chocolate (thank god, how else would i be able to eat it without 5 in-depth steps to follow). They even have a downloadable sensory wheel incase you are confused about the experience you are having. I guess it’s like losing your virginity. Practice makes perfect. I now know how to eat my chocolate the correct way for a complete sensory overload of chocolatey bacon delight. I am starting to like this stuff… maybe by the time I finish the entire bar I will be a bacon chocolate addict. It seems entirely possible.

Through this process I have discovered I must not be the only person in the world who absolutely loves bacon. There is actually a guy who made a Candied Bacon Ice Cream Recipe. Bonus points to anyone who makes it and lets me have some (my birthday is November 10 hint hint).

Final verdict by the end of the post and a few more piece of bacon chocolate… it is actually quite tasty. I think for me the only complaint I would have is not the bacon (i could never complain about bacon) but the fact that near the end it gets just a tad bit too salty (and i love salt as well). Now I better find the Flying Chocolate Pig (with bacon inside, of course) under the Christmas tree this year!

My life is slowly becoming more complete by the day. My friend Shannon (Thank you!) actually bought me steak bandages (the store was out of bacon ones) as a graduation gift, how awesome is that? Meat on my bandages and in my chocolate! LIFE IS GOOD!


One comment

  1. pokedyoureyeout

    Maybe we’ll have to find someone who actually DRIVES to take us down to Seattle…? BACON THEMED ROAD TRIP!!!!

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