Water’s Boiling..

I guess the water is boiling, so we can really make our tea now! I wasn’t even going to publish my Tea for Two story because it was so incomplete and I literally wrote it just straight through, no real thought put into it or anything. It was almost a string of consciousness exercise, or whatever you call them (I went to the wrap up party for the Latin American Film Festival last night and am still trying to recover…) So my friend Mark told me he had finally updated his blog, I guess he got sick of me harassing him for the last month for an update. We have always been talking about the idea of a collaborative work, so he continued on with my story as his latest entry. (Hey Mark, was this a better writing prompt than the other ones I gave you?) I thank him for turning my story into something beautiful.

Mark explains it best as he wrote on his blog:

I decided to add to my friend Ashley’s blog entry, which was a story about the narrator watching a couple in a cafe. We talked about doing some sort of a story mashup between a group of friends, or even organizing a collective of writers via craigslist that would be interested in the project. Basically it would start off with someone writing a premise for a story, and that would be passed off to someone else who would then contribute to the narrative with their own splash of ink. I read her story and felt inspired to continue it further…and it seems to have caught on nicely.

Mark’s version is called Osmosis, please read it! Also, our friend Shannon did her own piece as well: reunion. Please comment on the three pieces, and feel free to add your own additions.


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  1. We need to think of a name for our collab-blog site!

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