Sea Wolf and Okkervil River at Richard’s on Richards

WOW! What an amazing show! For my brother’s birthday I decided to take him to the Okkervil River show on Thursday night (Sept 18) at Richard’s on Richards. I am soo glad I did since we had a wicked time. Richard’s is still my favourite live music venue in the city (I will be devastated when it is gone) and the bands put on an amazing show. I really love Okkervil River’s music and my only complaint about them is that sometimes they are bit slow for my taste, but when they play live they actually have a lot more energy. It was great! They are super entertaining to watch, and look like they have a good time on stage. Also, when they did some of their slow songs it was just the lead singer on stage by himself or with one or two other band members, which gave it a very intimate feel so that was cool. It was also fun to watch the other band members just relax and sit back drinking beer, and the drummer jumped up onto the balcony and joined the fans for a song which I found pretty amusing. All around a very enjoyable performance, and they played a pretty long set so that is always a pleasant surprise.

Here is a video for my favourite OR song:

Opening for them was Sea Wolf, who were incredible! I really enjoyed them. I found that not knowing any of their music beforehand they were still one of those bands that you just pull you in with their live show and enthusiasm. I always love it when it just looks like a party on stage (e.g. Five Alarm Funk) and Sea Wolf is one of those bands for sure. I got their newest album and will be sure to keep an eye out for the next time they are in town, although I think they have been here a few times recently so that may be quite some time from now. Check them out for sure! Here is a great song by them…



  1. pokedyoureyeout

    If you like that…check this out!

  2. This is our newly minted vid for everyone to get a glimpse of what Five Alarm Funk is like in concert… check it out!

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