Better Blog Name?

I have decided that my blog name sucks. Yes, sucks. I find that word just sums things up. I want to write a condolence card that just says “This Sucks” because often there are no other words that explain suckiness quite as well. Please let me know if you come up with some.

Anyhow, back to my blog name sucking. I know I have no focus to my blog, it is a little all over the map. That’s part of its charm perhaps? Not quite sure. Maybe I need focus. Meh, too much effort. Plus, that’s not really me. I am pretty random sometimes so I like that my blog reflects that.

However, back to the name idea. I changed it to simply “Twisted Intelligence” but would like to do better, any suggestions?

I thought about the name Freshly Baked – writings from above the bakery.



  1. Dear Better name,
    I like Freshly Baked – writings from above the bakery. It brings to mind my favorite time of the day, and a childhood memory of driving by the Rainbow bakery with scents of hundreds of loafs in the ovens. It makes me think of my great aunt Opel, whom I would see moments later, because she lived blocks away.
    Don’t worry about focus… just write.

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