Vancouver Goose Lady

This has been bothering me for a while, Vancouver has all sorts of new homeless and rather eccentric people around lately. But whatever happened to the classics? I am glad that Spoonman is still around on Granville Street (be sure to request the Fireman Song), but whatever happened to the Robson Street Goose Lady?! You all know the one, she used to have the Goose in her old fashioned baby carriage. I believe it used to tell fortunes as well… does anyone else know who I am talking about and have some details to add? Maybe photos as well! Is she still around? What happened to her?! For some reason I feel I really need to know! Hopefully we can find the answer to this question…



  1. CJ

    Actually; I recall the “goose lady” but I always thought it was a duck she carted around. As it so happens; I was on Granville Street for the better portion of the 90s (’91-’98 with the exception off ’94 which I spent mainly in Toronto).

    This was, of course, a less complicated time in my life. All of my possessions fit into a duffle or backpack. It was a lot easier to communicate with the world; you didn’t need to have a Cell/PDA/Netbook/whatever; and the world was much easier to communicate with.

    In 98 I suffered a brain injury which took me pretty much out of life in the world … in more ways than one. I’ve spent the last decade trying to cure serious writers block … but I’ll try to explain my take on things as best I can:

    The 800 block of Granville Street, known as “Theatre Row” as it housed two of Vancouver’s main theatres; and was within walking distance of … well, hell, it was within walking distance of everything; used to be alive. During the 80’s it boasted of every culture and subculture you could think of and it still had room for more. Sometime during the 90s it was forced to assume two main cultures, street people and the businesses.

    Anyone with a till on their counter was a business; anyone with a steady income be it theirs or their parents’ fell into the business category as a consumer; anyone else, including many legally licensed street vendors, were stuffed into the category of street people.

    I just moved back to Vancouver in December of last year after five years gone and couldn’t belive that the area I used to love above any other section of our city, has pretty much died.

    What used to be the heartbeat just stopped sometime when we looked away.

    So yes, I know what happened to your “goose lady” and many others:

    Over time, the businesses won.

  2. leah

    I just saw her and her goose friend on grabv ille!

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