Opportunity Lost and Found

Today I watched a Spanish short (or cortometraje) called Momentos de estacion. You can watch it here if you like, but there are no subtitles so unless you understand Spanish you’ll just have to get the basic idea from visual clues. It’s just a cute story that is basically about seizing the day and lost opportunities. This guy knew he was never going to see the girl he liked again since he was moving away. What does he have to lose from telling her he likes her?

It made me think of the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow about a woman who misses a train, and then we follow her two different lives: the one she lives after catching that train, and the one she lives as the woman who misses it. That one little change makes a huge difference in her life. What missed opportunities have you had that may have had a huge impact on your life? In the Spanish short the protagonist is in control of what happens and made a choice, while in Sliding Doors it was fate or just life in general (depending on your view) that made the difference. Not sure if this movie was any good or not (it came out 10 years ago, so I don’t recall), but I like the idea of a twin living out another reality. More on that in a later post. Something to explore for sure.


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