Davie Street Newsflash!

So I walk out my door to go shopping and find police men EVERYWHERE! The cop sees me and says you can’t go that way (towards Jervis) so I could only go the other way. Which is fine, that’s where I wanted to go anyhow. The whole block of Davie between Jervis and Bute was blocked off by police cars and there were tons of officers around. The cop said they were trying to arrest someone on a warrant, but I am not sure if that was PR BS or the truth. I spoke to some women in the Book Warehouse who seemed to think there was something happening in Rogers Video, even a hostage situation. They thought it must be something pretty big because no one was sitting on the patio of The Score when normally there are always people there. When I left the book store traffic was flowing but there were lots of undercover cop cars driving around and still many more officers around than usual. On my way to Super Valu another cop on motorcycle went by heading in the same direction as me as well…

It was just a few nights ago (Friday) that a man got attacked and now has to have his jaw wired shut for six weeks after it was broken in three places. Police are wanting the attacker to be charged for hate crime since the victim is gay and was holding hands with another male at the time. (I got this information from an article in the Vancouver Sun)

In the summer there were two incidents on or around Davie Street. The first was on the same day as the Pride Parade where a man went around with a hammer attacking people. A month before that a man was shot in the leg resulting in Davie being blocked off to traffic from Burard to Bute.


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