Yaletown Sofa GONE!

So I walk by the Yaletown Sofa in Gastown on a regular basis, and they always seem to be having a sale. Today I walk by and the store is cleared out, there is one guy in there and the place is completely EMPTY! I didn’t really think anything of it, but then I see in the Vancouver Sun that the owner, Zane Lowell, just shut down the business and has disappeared! So all these people are left without the stuff that they paid for and I guess he owns a ton in taxes and everything. Evidently his wife doesn’t even know where he is. Kinda strange to think about the lives that some people live. I could never imagine doing something like that.

Anyhow, they have some pretty nice stuff and I guess it is all being auctioned off tomorrow. So if you need some pretty furniture and have a bit of cash to spare check out Love’s Acutioneers in Richmond to try and get yourself a deal!


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