Elections Canada is very helpful! Get ready to Vote!

I called Elections Canada today since my voter registration card has my old address on it. They changed my address for me fairly quick and said they will mail out a new card to me and I should get it within a week! How easy is that? So, if you aren’t registered yet or haven’t gotten your card yet just call them up and get it all sorted out. They seem to realize people have lives and are available til 9pm! I called at 8:50 so they actually are open late.

My electoral district is: Vancouver Centre

Candidates in my electoral district:

Lorne Mayencourt (Conservative Party of Canada)
Hedy Fry (Liberal Party of Canada)
Michael Byers (New Democratic Party)
Adriane Carr (Green Party of Canada)
Michael Hill   (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
John Clarke   (Libertarian Party of Canada)

Go to their website and read what they have to say so you can try to educate yourself a bit on the issues if you don’t already know who you are going to vote for. (Unless you live in a different electoral district, then you will obviously have different candidates!) I couldn’t link to Michael Hill or John Clarke because I couldn’t find websites for them, I guess they are little hesitant to jump on this “interweb” bandwagon. It’s probably just a trend anyhow…


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