Me Gusta el Reggaetón

So my boss told me that Angel y Khriz are coming to play a show in Vancouver! Reggaeton originated from Puerto Rico and is a form of urban music that mixes influences from reggae, salsa, mergengue, dancehall, bachata, and all sorts of good stuff into once. I love it, it is great to dance to and even though the lyrics are overtly sexual and misogynistic, I find them to be so over the top that they end up being pretty funny most of the time (especially Calle 13 from my beloved Bogota, Colombia, since he specifically does it to be funny). My favourite artists are Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Calle 13, Rakim & Ken-Y, and Winsin y Yandel.

One of the reggaeton songs we are probably most familiar with in Canada is Gasolina. Since I almost always want to request reggaeton when I am at a bar I find myself having to request this just because it is the one song DJs almost always have. The really good stuff they don’t usually know here.

On Nov 21 Angel & Khriz are playing at the Croation Cultural Centre. Tickets are not cheap at $56 a piece, so I doubt I will be going. You may know this song by them, it is one of my favourites:

I remember one night in Bogota with my roommate Jen, listening to the song Noche de Sexo by Winsin y Yandel OVER AND OVER again while we were getting ready to go out to our favourite bar, Baja. This bar played the perfect mix of reggaeton and classic English songs. I can’t even explain it, but if you ever go to Bogota make sure to check that place out its  en la Calle 85 No. 11 – 53 “Paseo El Faro” near the infamous Ozzy Pub. Anyhow, that night we were totally pumped on this song and we go to the bar, not only were we dancing with a guy dressed in a bunny suit (look him up on Facebook as Conejo Conejo) but they played noche de sexo! I remember we bought the baja coctail which is HUGE like the cup is the size of your head for 16,000 pesos (which is way more than we ever pay for drinks… like $8) so felt like we were splurging. It was a great night. Anyhow, here is the song:

And I will toss in some more videos for those of you who like the music and want some more…

Calle 13- Atrevete-te

Don Omar – Salio al Sol

Rakim Y Ken-Y – Down

Winsin y Yandel – Pam Pam



  1. J


    Thanks for posting this article about reggaeton and also for mentioning that Angel & Khriz are coming to Vancouver. I know the tickets are not cheap but if you can make it you won’t be disappointed. We also have Che Pablucci doing the opening act and DJ Goldenboy will spin his best mix ever. Please, check for more info on where to dance reggaeton. Have you ever heard Cuban reggaeton?

  2. Thanks very much for the story and the links. One of Vancouver’s coolest Mexican-roots people is Ron Reyes. He is celebrating his 50th birthday at the Rickshaw in July, and I want to help make that event have a Very Latino Flavour. I hope to hook Ron up with some of the Mexicano community in town here, as well as offer some Reggaeton/Punk/Mariachi mixes.

    I will keep you posted on that gig if you like.

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