Priestess and 3 Inches of Blood at the Commodore

I am pretty excited because Priestess (from Montreal) and 3 Inches of Blood (from Rockouver) are playing a show together in Vancouver! These are two of the best heavy Canadian bands around right now! They are playing the Commodore on November 21st and tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.

My good friend Aaron Grant of the Broken Condom Babies got me onto Priestess a few years ago because as a drummer he was really impressed with their drumming, so he played me the songs Lay Down and Talk to Her. They are fairly well known now since having the song Lay Down featured on one of the Guitar Hero games, which is awesome for them! I have seen them live before at the Commodore and they play a super tight set! My favourite song of theirs is called Blood, it just always gets me going. Hell who am I trying to fool, all their songs do.

Priestess – Talk to Her

I made one of my co-workers in Colombia, Ivan, listen to 3 Inches of Blood’s song Deadly Sinners, which he didn’t enjoy much, but it made him introduce me to his brother, Jorge, who is in a Colombian metal band and he took me to a metal show at a place called Excalibur Bar (if you go to Bogota it is on Kr 77A #63F – 48) and I must say it was the funniest night of my life. I felt like I stepped into a Poison video or something, everyone there had mullets and was dressed like it was the 80s with skinny jeans and bandanas around their thighs, it was freaking awesome! They also had TVs playing old classic rock videos and the beer came out of a mini-fridge like you had in your college dorm room. Video bars are big in Bogota, just places where they sell beer out of an old fridge and play music videos all night because people love to sing along! The highlight for me from the show at Excalibur was when one of the bands played Runaway by Bon Jovi and all these Colombians “metal heads” are singing along at the top of their lungs! Now I can’t listen to that song without thinking of that night.

3 Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners

These two bands together for one show is going to be an unforgettable night. Don’t forget to bring some sort of protection for your ears, or else you may go deaf… no lie.


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