Viva Chihuahuas! No Mas!

My favourite Spanish language film is Amores Perros, produced and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, and written by Guillermo Arriaga, the duo responsible for 21 Grams and Babel, although I was not nearly as impressed with those films as I was with Amores Perros. One of the most engaging storylines in the film is with Gael García Bernal trying to save his dog, Cofi, from the dog fights. (I won’t go into more detail, just watch the movie, I promise you will like it.) I own it if anyone would like to borrow it, or I will watch it with you. The movie also has the song Si Señor by Control Machete in it which I always liked for some reason…

Okay, I swear I have a point, as this is connected to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which I saw on Friday night and actually really enjoyed. After having seen the highly enjoyable Choke immediately before, I wasn’t expecting much from this, especially since the movie starts out with a scene full of spoiled lap dogs at the spa and their mouths are moving in such a fake way it just was annoying, but once I got past that it was actually quite an entertaining movie. This spoiled Chihuahua from Beverly Hills gets left with its owner’s niece who then takes it to Mexico, where it gets lost and then kidnapped by some of the most infamous Mexican dog fighters. Anyhow, I won’t give more away than that, but the whole movie is hilarious and the dogs are actually are quite forward in their flirtations with each other (“if you ever need somone to lick inside your ears or chew the hard to reach places”) and are very lovable! If you have any little ones in the family, it is a great excuse to go see this, or else just rent it when it comes out on video…

I guess the movie was called South of the Border while it was being filmed, here is a cute video I found of an interview by a Mexican television station with the actors from the film. I love Manolo Cardona, the Colombian actor who plays the sexy landscaper… *drool* Colombia te quiro!


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