How much of a Scorpio am I?

Lately people have been telling me that I am “such a Scorpio”, and although I am not fully sure that I agree, the more that I think about it, the more I start to believe it to be the case.

So if I really am a Scorpio, then maybe I should understand what the heck this horoscope from Free Will Astrology means:

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The bad news is that you are, metaphorically speaking, in jail. The good news is that a recent visitor sneaked you the key to the locked door of your cell. The weird news: You have not yet realized that you have the means to escape, since your visitor did not
actually tell you that the key is hidden inside a certain thing he or she left behind. The great news is that I’m here to inform you about the situation. Once you locate the key, Scorpio, slip your hand between the iron bars so you can fit the key into the keyhole from the front. It won’t work from behind.

So, someone has already given me the key to my freedom? Now, I just need to figure out who what person is, and what they have given me either intellectually, emotionally, or physically that will help me escape from my current “jail”.

For anyone who is not sure of what the traditional Scorpio traits are, please read them! How accurate a description of me is this? Hmm…

Are these the two sides of my personality?


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