US Absentee Voters

Today I actually decided to register to vote in the US elections. I sent in my absentee voter registration today so we shall see. It was actually a heck of a lot easier than it used to be. I looked into it during the last election, but now I have found my old US passport so I have my social security number and all that good information for them…plus there are tons of internet sites helping you register now. I think the American elections are much more interesting than our own with all the hoopla that goes on. When was the last time a Canadian candidate got half as much attention as Obama is getting? I wish someone would make fancy music videos supporting me to post on You Tube.. well, okay that’s a lie. But either way, it’s kinda crazy.

If you have American citizenship and are living in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter) it is really easy to register at the Overseas Vote Foundation.

Feels pretty crazy to be able to vote in two countries, but I guess that is the joy of dual citizenship. Now I just have to get my US passport for when I travel through the states to make life that much easier.


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  1. What? You’ve got also a US-American passport and didn’t tell me that? REAAAAALLY, you should have MARRIED me instead of letting me go throw aaaaall that immigration process. And you would maybe get TWO more… silly sweet girl!


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