Double or Nothing

So back onto this idea of twins or doubles existing. I was looking into Jose Saramago, the Portugese author of Blindness, which has been made into a movie that everyone seems to be talking about. I am one of those people that usually finds the book is better than the movie, so I am reading Blindness so then I can finish it and go see the movie. Anyone interested? I promise to write a review of the book and the movie, once I have experienced them both.

Adaptations are always intriguing. How does one decide what to leave out or focus on when they adapt someone else’s work. I found that Love in the Time of Cholera (one of my all-time favourite books) was actually a very enjoyable movie. Although the book was still better, I found myself really getting into the movie, especially since it was filmed in my favourite city in the world, Cartagena, Colombia.

Anyhow, I see that one of the other books Saramago wrote is called The Double, and is about a man who rents a movie and then realizes one of the minor actors not even listed in the credits looks exactly like him. He later discovers the name of this actor and meets him in person. I just think the concept of meeting your double is pretty crazy. I wonder how many people have actually met one of their doubles. I am reading a book called The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead by Marcus Chown and he states that it is a fact we have a double living on a planet identical to Earth in another universe, but they are so far away that we will never cross paths or even be aware of their existence. There could be countless versions of ourselves in different universes all over.

Perhaps one of my doubles has a great singing voice and actually had a musical made about her life with the songs I listed. Another double is still living in the USA because my dad never got transfered back to Canada for work. A different double was knocked up at 15 and lives on a potato farm with her cousin (who is also her husband) and their 5 kids.

Total side note: I found a band from NY called The Double, their website is cleverly located at Here is a video for their song Idiocy.

Other double stuff I have found so far (please comment if you know of more):

The Double: A Petersburg Poem by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Gattaca – I guess it counts?



  1. Dear Ashley,

    I like finishing talks by saying: “Even if this the worst talk you have ever been to, I’ll console myself with the thought that, in an infinite number of other places in the Universe you, gave me a standing ovation and bought 600 copies of my book.” It’s a comforting thought!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the book – and hope it doesn’t make steam come out of your ears!

    Best wishes,
    Marcus Chown, London

  2. Joseph Conrad novella: “The Secret Sharer”…pretty good double-themed book. Oh and “Double Impact” starring Jean Claude Van Damme ;).
    Enjoy “Blindness”. It’s an interesting one.

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