A Good Ad… at the time.

I often discuss good ads and bad ads with friends. One of my favourite TV commercials is still that IKEA “start the car” one.. absolutely brilliant and memorable.

Some ads are brilliant at the time, but not after certain events occur… take this World Trade Center ad as an example. It was absolutely brilliant in 1975 when it came out (at least I think it would have been pretty clever), but since Sept 11 it does not quite come across the same way.

It was uploaded on Flickr by happyarm who states:

In the mid 70’s the Port Authority contracted with a small NJ company for a “people counter” for this observation deck. I was the chief engineer for the company and we designed and installed this item at the bottom of the up esculator and on the down esculator. It was rigged to give a count of how many were on the outside deck at any time. When I went back there in the 80’s it was no longer in use. This is the cover of the brochure that I picked up when we installed the unit since it was in the file I kept for that company. I had forgotten I had it and never realized what it said untill I was cleaning up some very old things…

It is an interesting one to consider. I wonder if there are any other advertisements that people can think of that have a similar change in message after new events…


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