Vancouver Courier Fiction Contest

My friend Shannon told me about a fiction contest that the Vancouver Courier is having and suggested that I enter it. Now, I don’t really consider myself to be a fiction writer, I just dabble in it for fun sometimes. I am not really the type of person to enter a writing contest either, but I thought that maybe I would at least try to write, who knows if I will send it in or not.

The story has to incorporate the following sentence into it: “The legwarmers fit surprisingly well considering the shoddy workmanship and questionable yarn.”

I actually started writing a bit tonight, but so far only have two paragraphs. Once I have written a bit more I might post it, but only if people promise to help me improve it! I would love to have a bunch of my friends enter this contest so we can compare pieces, even if you don’t actually submit your work, just so that we are all working on the same project.

My challenge to everyone reading this: write a story using that sentence from the Vancouver Courier. Whether you enter the contest or not is up to you. Please post a link to your story in my comments!


One comment

  1. Leems

    I’m in! thanks for letting me know about the contest. I’ve honestly thought of entering these kinds of things so many times, or at least trying and never have. I’ve brainstormed one idea so far…let’s get together and share!

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