Back to the Gym!

Okay, I have finally decided I need to commit to going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Starting now. I went on Sunday, and then I went again today! So far, so good! I actually really enjoy going to the gym as long as I have a good mix of music to listen to on the cardio machines — unless Cold Case Files or American Justice is on TV — and an hour or two free. To emphasize how rarely I go to the gym, my friend Mari was there today, so I went to say hello and she mentioned that she thought she had seen me earlier, but figured it couldn’t have been me since I never go anymore. Owch!

I go to Just Ladies Fitness because it was the closest gym when I was living at my mom’s place, so I have just always kept going there and I really do love it. Plus, boys are gross — they have cooties! JLF is always clean, they have tons of equipment with each piece of cardio having its own TV (and they get all the good channels we are too cheap to pay for), and classes are included with the membership. I need to start trying some of their yoga and pilates classes. I did a pilates class there once and my abs were killing me for about a week after — needless to say I never went back. Maybe I should give it another shot.

I have written about it here so maybe I will feel more pressure to keep up with my attempt to go at least 3 times a week. Twice this week, so I just need to go once more by Saturday. I am also going to look into trying some classes, I will let you know how it goes!


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