Reunion with an old friend

Last night I got a call from an old friend, Dave. He said he was near to downtown and wanted to meet up. I haven’t seen Dave since right when I got back from Colombia, so it has been over a year! I love that he just randomly called me, yet earlier yesterday I had been with a friend and was reminded of the last time I was with Dave so I told her the story. Strange how just a few hours later he called me.

Dave and I lived in residence together in second year at UBC (in the brand new Korea House building at Vanier) and have kept in touch ever since. Anyhow, we grabbed some Thai food and came back to my place to eat and catch up. It was really fun to have him there to remind me of all the crazy times we had together in University. How did I manage to survive all that, and still graduate with good grades?! I don’t think my body would be able to handle that anymore, in fact, I know I wouldn’t. At least not for the first few weeks until I got used to it. I guess the whole responsibility and maturity thing that prevents me from acting like that now is all part of growing up. But boy, were those some amazing parties! If you weren’t at them, you probably wouldn’t even believe how crazy they were — we wouldn’t even be able to start to explain them.

I am so glad I had the experience of living in residence and doing the whole university life thing while I did. It is definitely not something I would want to do over again, but I loved it while I was there.


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