My Home Outside

It’s cold out here. The pavement is still damp from the rainfall in early evening. I huddle against the cement, facing the wall, trying to get as close to the building as possible, so that no one walking by disturbs me. I find this parking lot to be quite comfortable. In fact, I have been sleeping here for the past three weeks without incident. Since I am off the main street a bit, it is quiet, and the cars never seem to move, despite the fact that the sign says there is a two-hour time limit for customers only. I am pretty sure it is only employees who actually park here. Which is fine by me – the less movement, the better.

Since it is getting late, I have decided to head down to the homeless shelter and see if there are any clothes that have been dropped off. The nights are starting to get quite cold, and my clothes are torn so they don’t provide much protection from the wind. At least I still have beluga. That’s my stuff whale that I carry around. I know since I am now twenty-three I shouldn’t still sleep with a stuffed animal, but it is the one thing that makes me feel loved. I got him at the Aquarium when I was six; my mom let me pick him out from the gift shop. I have no idea how he has survived everything that he has, but I don’t know if I could have made it this far without him.


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  1. baby it’s cold outside…


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