Pecan Haircolour!

Last week my mom dyed my hair for me out of the box (which I haven’t done in probably 2 or 3 years now) and it turned out fantastic! I love having dark hair again — as much fun as I had being quite blonde for a while — so I decided to try a colour called Pecan, which the box described as a Dark Ash Mahogany Brown (so I was sold), by Garnier from their Nutrisse Creme line. I guess the whole thing with this is that it is very moisturizing and keeps your hair soft. I am not sure if it is softer than when I dye my hair with other brands, but it is definitely very soft and silky smooth. On the plus side, their conditioner does smell much better than what I have usually had to deal with from boxes.

My hair doesn’t really look much different than it did before, maybe it is one shade darker and it just has some new subtle mahogony highlights. I like it! Shout out to the people who decided to name the colour pecan as that is what made me want to buy it (a new shade I see) because i LOVE pecan pie.


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