Education Generation

I am writing this to solicit your help in promoting an amazing cause. I am working with a team of youth (we are all volunteering our time, resources, thoughts, etc to this project) for a terrific non-profit called Education Generation. What I am asking of anyone reading this is to go to the website, sign up on our community, get involved, learn, donate $20 to send a student to school if you can, and tell other people about why you donated and why you think they should visit our site.

If you blog about it, please let me know and I will link to your article here as well.

This is a way for us to  provide scholarships to educate students in developing countries so they can escape poverty and have all the amazing opportunities we have had. These are smart students, these are students who are dedicated, these are students who lack nothing but financial resources.

You can ask your friends and family to provide $20 towards a student’s scholarship for your birthday or Christmas present, instead of getting you a crappy coffee mug you will never use.

I look forward to hearing each of your responses to Education Generation and any suggestion you have that could help us educate the world, one student at a time.


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