Canucks vs Maple Leafs! Canucks win!

Yesterday, I was invited to go to the Canucks game by one of my friends. She has a connection for free tickets, so we ended up getting some and they were in Row 11 just to the side a bit of one of the nets, so it was great for watching all the goals the Canucks got on the Leafs! We had a 4-0 lead on them for most of the game, but then they got in two goals before the end of the game. It was great that the Canucks won just because of how many Leafs fans there were, it was insane! My roommate is one of them, so I called her after the game to gloat.

Before the game another friend took me to the Vancouver Aquarium. I haven’t been there in a super long time because I always think of it as somewhere for tourists or families. Oh, and Saturday is not the day to go if you don’t like screaming kids.. whoops. Anyhow, it was really cool! I learned a ton and they have some really good exhibits. Also, it confirmed how much I actually like some fish (including my pet Beta). I suggest you go check the place out if you haven’t been in a while, it is really beautiful. The baby beluga, Tiqa, looks like she is doing quite well and has bonded with her mother.

The ratfish (which are found locally) was one of my favourites because it is just a cool looking fish:

Eww, and these things are gross looking. Gooseneck Barnacles.


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  1. yeah, if I ever have kids I think I’ll have their tongues clipped.

    I’ve heard it’s natural to dislike others kids, but when yours burp or fart you find it adorable. this must be the case or we’d have gone extinct a long time ago.

    did you bring Beluga to the aquarium?

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