Great Night of Canadian Music at the Commodore!

Last night I went to the Commodore for Priestess and 3 Inches of Blood. WOW! It was a great night, especially since I got to hang out with my best friend who just moved back to Vancouver after being away for the last 6 months… it is the first time we have hung out under positive circumstances in that time, as the only two times she came to Vancouver while she was away was after a good friend passed away, and then again for the celebration of life.

Aside from it being great just to hang out with her and have an all around great time enjoying her company, the show was fun too! The crowd was about 98% male I would guess.. so that was interesting — I never once had to wait for the bathroom! The last show where I noticed such a difference in the number of males over females was back in 2005 (i think?) for a Helmet show at the Red Room.

I missed the opening act last night, but we caught Bison BC and they were pretty tight! Metal is not really something I can enjoy without knowing the songs ahead of time, but they kept my interest so I will for sure be checking them out more. 3 Inches of Blood was one of the main draws for the night (despite Priestess being the last act) and they sure were wicked! They started the set with Deadly Sinners, which told me that they meant business! I also really enjoyed them and it was a nice mixture of newer and older stuff (at least from what I know of their stuff…) and then Priestess came on and they were really good too, but they played a TON of new stuff, which is fine except that their new album isn’t out yet so no one knew half of the songs they played. It would have been nice of they stuck to more stuff off Hello Master, considering many of the people at the show had never seen them live before. I am glad that I saw them before because they played an incredible version of Blood (my favourite song) which they didn’t play this time around and I think that is a real loss.

Listen to it here:


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