Social Intelligence

I am reading a book by Daniel Goleman called Social Intelligence: The Revolutionary New Science of Human Relationships. In this book there is mention of a test called the Reading the Mind in the Eyes test by Simon Baron-Cohen. Since I got all three examples in the Goleman book correct, I decided to see if I could do alright on a full-version of the test. I found that one online and I got 31 out of the 36 questions correct! The average score is 26.2, while people with Autism have been found to have an average score of 21.9.

Simon Baron-Cohen has created three other tests that you can take online at this website, and I found it interesting that while I was within the average range for each of the tests, my results were closer to the average male results than the average female results.

I would be interested in hearing how others score on the same tests. How valid do you think these tests are?



  1. I got 28 on the eyes. The funny part was that I felt like I was just guessing. I thought I’d do much more poorly.

    So you’re a dude, huh? 😉

  2. Dickens McDawson

    I also got 28 on the eye quiz. On the systemizing quiz I scored below average, closer to a female’s results. I didn’t score as high on the empathy quiz as I expected, probably due to the fact that I enjoy working alone, and am a recovering social retard. I believe these tests are only slightly useful. it’s impossible to fully systemize people.

    Social Intelligence looks like an interesting book; Lissa Coffey’s customer review on sold me.

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