The Eugenics Tree


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  1. eugenics looks like a fascinating and complex subject. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it, though my initial reaction is one of skepticism. the most obvious problem seems to be: who gets to choose who’s “fit” and “unfit”? for instance, only 3% of the population is manic depressive, a condition which has been categorized as an illness, undesirable. suppose all the “normal”, “objective” people got together and decided to sterilize manic depressives. do you think it would be wise to deprive the world the next generation of Vincent Van Goghs, Mark Twains, or Kurt Vonneguts? perhaps (like with the Nazis) it’s the folks who want to sterilize people who need to be sterilized!

    it’s difficult to diagnose someone with mental illness – there is no simple test you either pass or fail. but you could fail a spelling test! imagine if all the good spellers decided they were sick and tired of getting letters & emails with poor spelling, isolated the “bad spelling gene” and decided to breed them out. the world would never suffer through a bad phenetically spelled word again, everyone could go to their perfect little jobs, send each other perfectly spelled little emails, go home to their perfect little houses with perfectly spelled notes stuck on the refrigerator door, and everyone could finally be happy! everyone except me goddam it!!!!!!!!

    ahem… sorry.

    anyway, I just keep talking myself out of eugenics more and more, but perhaps I could be convinced otherwise. if you’d like to see a plausible future where eugenicists rule, I recommend “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. in fact, I think his father or grandfather was involved in the movement.

    so promiscuity was considered a determining trait of feeblemindedness. huh… how ’bout that!

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