Soju for 애쉴리

Last night, I went out for Korean food with some friends and was exposed to the wonder that is Soju. This stuff is great! Basically, it is a traditional Korean drink that  you have to shoot, you don’t sip it. The idea is to drink it all in one shot. Also, it is considered rude to

pour your own so someone else is always filling your glass up for you! I was expecting it to taste like aguardiente, but really it does not have a super strong boozy taste, so it is quite pleasant.

I also learned how to say “My name is” in Korean, but I would say it with my Korean name which we decide was Sonju.

애쉴리  ==> evidently that is how to write Ashley in Korean.

Oh yes, and if you were wondering you can buy Soju in Liquor stores in Canada. A 375ml bottle will set you back nine bucks.


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