Sally and the Snot Snugglers

Sally always had the sniffles. At first they didn’t bother her, but whenever she got a cold her sniffles turned into dribbles and she would have to blow her nose all day long. If you ever saw her garbage can you would see it was always at least half full of tissues that she had blown her snot into.

At night when it got chilly the snot would crawl out of their tissue beds in the garbage can, crawl across the floor littered with my little pony dolls and climb up the side of her bed into her blue-plaid flannel sheets to snuggle up next to her. She called them the snot snugglers because that is exactly what they were and what they did – snot that snuggled. Sometimes she didn’t even know they were there, but when she had that recurring nightmare where the monster came out from under her bed and chased her around the house they were always there for her. Snuggling and cuddling close to her until her tears stopped.

Some other nights they would come into her bed and tickle her toes and under her nose until she woke up laughing so hard she was crying. The snot snugglers were not very good at drying her tears though, they would just become even more snotty and gross. As much as Sally loved the snot snugglers, she found them to be pretty disgusting too. But when she woke up hungry she could eat them, and it was almost the same as picking her nose, yet more filling. It was just like the difference between tiramisu and cheesecake, everyone knows cheesecake is more filling.



  1. tissue beds, eh? I’m stealing this idea for a book.

  2. Ashley

    I would love to hear what you come up with!

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