Sharing Dreams

I’ve been having some really crazy dreams lately and since I remember my dreams almost every night now I feel like I should start taking advantage of it. Maybe something good will come from it all… or else all my friends and family will wonder why I have such crazy dreams about them and I will end up a complete loner outcasted by everyone in my life.

A friend of mine, Paige, passed away in August 2008, but I remember in high school she told me once that she had a dream about me and all I was wearing was full-body fish nets. Crazy eh? Anyhow we remained friends, of course, and then just last summer, a year after Paige’s death, I saw some American Apparel ads where the models were wearing just that – a full body fishnet outfit! Who would have thought. Anyhow, thanks to Paige sharing that dream with me I wouldn’t have been able to chuckle to myself and smile every time I saw that add. It also gave me the opportunity to remember her and all the good times we had together.

On another note, I think I might actually start writing letters to the characters that appear in my dreams. I could ask them questions about certain events in my dreams and perhaps they can respond to my questions in a dream on another night. As long as I can remember what actually happens in my dreams, that is a challenge in and of itself!


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