Dear Dream – Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear hazy male figure from last night’s dream:

The time I spent to with you seems to not have been all that memorable, as I cannot recall everything that we did together. I hope that doesn’t offend you, but I just can’t remember all that much from last night’s dream.

I do remember that you made me and some other people put bright green circles on the grass, and we had to spread them about evenly. We had to do this or we were unable to go to Safeway. What is the connection between the green circles and Safeway? Why did I need to go to Safeway? I just went grocery shopping and have plenty of options in my fridge so am unsure as to how you managed to convince me that I needed to go to grocery shopping yet again.

You are obviously a master manipulator, and for that I congratulate you. In future dreams I ask that you are more clear about the purpose of the green circles on the grass and what it is that I really needed to get at Safeway that I couldn’t just get at the corner store.

I look forward to seeing you another night so you can answer these questions for me.

Until then,



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