Don’t See The Backup Plan

Now, this may sound obvious to most people, but I sometimes love really bad girlie movies. I am sucker for J.Lo movies, mainly Maid In Manhattan (even though it kind of creeps me out because all I can think of is Red Dragon) and The Wedding Planner. These are not great  movies per-se, but they sure are fun to watch when you need a girlie movie fix.

The Backup Plan is just plain bad. Really, I can’t quite put it in words.  The hot guy in the movie is ONLY hot when he isn’t wearing a shirt. Which is for about 3% of the movie at most. And that is a generous estimate.  Here I will include an image from the only worthwhile bit of him being shirtless, so now you REALLY have NO EXCUSE to see this movie. DON’T DO IT!

How cliche is a hot, shirtless guy on a tractor? Obviously women will love that. It doesn’t make up for the fact that you used VOICE OVERS in the first scene in the movie (it was a bad sign, I know) and that the story is completely unrealistic. Most chick flicks as unrealistic as they may be, somehow manage to convince you that these scenes are actually possible if you can take every other aspect of the story as possible. Not the case in the backup plan. Within 10 minutes I wanted to go ask for my money back, but I sucked it up and stayed because a couple of the girls I were with didn’t seem to mind the horrible voice overs, bad acting, and lame plot as much as I did. I have not groaned in a movie as much as I did in this movie. It is just BAD! I really hope I am getting the point across here.

Let me clarify it a bit more for anyone who still wants to see this movie. I like bad movies. I find Pauly Shore funny, I love all his movies and even went to see him live. Dumb and Dumber will never get old for me. I even enjoyed Beverly Hills Chihuahua. In fact, go rent Beverly Hills Chihuahua instead of seeing the Backup Plan. Even if you don’t like it you will like it better than this movie! Just give yourself a few minutes to get used to the annoying fake looking moving mouths on the dogs, and then it will be fine. The hot guy in that movie is actually hot too.

I am sure I am not really explaining how bad this movie is because I have tried to block the details out of my head. Moral of this story is, if you are tempted to see the Backup Plan, choose any other movie instead. Or better yet, watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


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  1. I wrote a review on this on my blog at

    I wasn’t too high on it, either.

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