Animalopolis featuring Kristian Adam Opens June 11

You officially have plans for Friday night…

The opening reception for Animalopolis is Friday, June 11 from 7pm to 11pm  at Ayden Gallery in the International Village Mall (or what most people know as Tinseltown) by Stadium Skytrain staion. And best of all, it is free to attend! Come check out some amazing local art, meet the artists, enjoy some good music and great company. Don’t forget to bring your wallet – original pieces start at just a couple hundred, or buy a print if you are on a tight budget.

The exhibit features over 70 new paintings and illustrations by Kristian Adam and even more by Mandy Tsung. The show is at Ayden Gallery until July 11. Supporting artists are: Shwa, Fia Cooper, Emily Beaulieu, Taka Sudo, and Megan Majewski.

If you want to learn more about the incredible creatures of Animalopolis and preview some of Kristian’s illustrations, visit the Crow Toes Quarterly website.

Disclosure: Yes, I am friends with Kristian. We did a collaboration painting (called Flying Sam) that might be in the show as well. I also told him I wanted to be turned into a cartoon of a ring-tailed lemur. The result is a creature called Baylemur (shown below).

Baylemur by Kristian Adam


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