2 Year Blogging Anniversary

I have been officially blogging for 2 years now… now I want to look back at what I have learned and other random tidbits. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!

Ten Things I Have Learned/ Thoughts I have on Life & Blogging:

1. People (including myself) can find extremely random ways of wasting time online. I don’t even have a clue how I come across half of the stuff I do in my online reading…

2. No matter how random a post may be there is always someone interested in reading about you and your thoughts. It’s kinda creepy in a way, yet really cool at the same time.

3. You are not alone. No matter what your interests are, there is always someone out there who shares them with you. Like bacon. I never realized there were so many people out there who love bacon as much as I do, probably even more than I do.

4. People search really weird things to end up at my blog. Not quite sure how that happens…

5. Not all aspects of an individual’s life should end up on their blog, yet many people share just about everything on these things.I am guilty of this sometimes, but at least I don’t write about everything I eat. That only works if you are a food or restaurant focused blog.

6. There are some really cool people in the world that I have yet to meet. Somehow many of these people end up on the pages of my site.

7. You can do anything you want and be anything you want to be if you just set your mind to it and believe it is possible.

8. Dreaming is an amazing way to come up with twisted story ideas.

9. Writing (including blogging) is a release.

10. I write this blog for myself, and it is great to know that somewhere out there, other people are finding value within it. I never know who is reading this unless they tell me. So it is always interesting when someone asks me why I haven’t written in a while or that they really enjoyed a particular post. Hi Everyone! Tell me if you are reading this!

What i have found strangest of all is the search terms that land people on my page. The highest amount of traffic still comes from people searching for cakes. One of my very first posts was about the Cake Wrecks blog. To this day, I still get traffic almost daily from people searching for cakes online. That site must get crazy good traffic! I have had 833 views of that post so far this year, and we are only in June!

Top 10 Search Terms for the Past 2 Years:

1. amazing cakes
2. scorpio
3. cake
4. cake wrecks
5. ashley bayles
6. scorpio traits
7. gross cakes
8. pretty cakes
9. mike’s amazing cakes
10. moths and butterflies

At least I made the top 5!



  1. Congrads and keep going!


  2. Congrats babe! Amazing work. Looking forward to more blogs and tweets together. xo

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