Thoroughbred: A Day at the Races

Last weekend I went to a fantastic event called Thoroughbred: A Day at the Races. Organized by the Gatsby Social Club this is an event I will definitely be attending on an annual basis. Their website says they are “…an hommage to the days of sophisticated and elegant merriment, with a slice of wit and debauchery.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. These folks know how to throw one heck of a party and it is a lovely departure from the regular scene in Vancouver.

My lovely friend Lima took me as her date and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. As I arrived at Thoroughbred I was greeted with one of my favourite drinks, the Sidecar (first introduced to me by my friend Mat – I will forever be in your debt). It was a very classy (looking) event, with the women all wearing dresses and big floppy hats, and then men looking dapper in their suits. Check out this video of the 2009 event. I will be going again next year for sure!


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