In Colombia, Finally!

I arrived last night just after 8pm at El Dorado airport, after flying Vancouver to Toronto, then Toronto to Bogota for a total transit time of 12 hours or so. There was a group of school kids on the flight, but they were actually pretty well behaved and were support excited whenever we hit any sort of turbulence, so that was funny. Customs was a breeze, but then it took forever for my luggage to come out and then once I go to the airport exit, all those little school kids were block the path, it took me about 10 minutes to get through them.. for a total distance of about 3 metres! Brutal. My friend Nico and his brother Sebastian picked me up at the airport, and we dropped Sebastian off in 85 to go to a bar with his friends and came back to Nico’s place.

Nico’s parents had already ordered pizza and it arrived practically at the same time we did! So we had pizza and pepsi and chatted a bit. Nico’s parents don’t speak English so it was a good test of how well my Spanish skills have survived and I actually did pretty well! Excited to see how things will be in a month at the end of my time here!

I met Nico in 2006, he was the first friend I made here when I moved to Bogota. He went to high school with Juan Camilo, who is now living in Vancouver and our parents are neighbours. So when I moved to Bogota, Juan gave me the contact information for Nico. (Side story, I actually met Juan before our parents were neighbours. We first met way back in Grade 11 in Cuarnavaca, Mexico since his school and my school went on the same trip during spring break! Small world, eh?!) Anyhow, chatting with Nico’s parents was really cute because we were talking about Juan’s parents, and how great they are. Juan’s mom, Maria, is the sweetest lady you have ever met and Nico’s mom and I were discussing this on my first night here. So funny!

Anyhow, just taking it easy today. Going to have Ajiaco for lunch, then try to find a new SIM card for my Colombian cel phone so I have a number my friends can reach me on here. Only problem is that Comcel might be closed today since it is Sunday. Then Nico and I are going to a flea market and I might try to head up to Chia and visit my friend Nancy and her kids for a bit. Then tomorrow I am off to Cartagena!!

It is great to be back in Colombia and I am super excited to see all my old friends! I will try to update my blog as often as I can, although during my time in Cartagena I probably won’t update it at all as I will be too busy enjoying my favourite city in the world!


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  1. Linda

    I look forward to sharing this trip via your posts! You are off to a great start. Aloha, Linda

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