Take a trip to Nepal – hit up Cafe Kathmandu!

Last night my friends and I tried to make reservations at a certain downtown restaurant that never returned our calls, so we decided to hit up Commercial Drive instead. Heading over we decided we were going to eat at Bandidas, so we parked just down the street, filled the parking meter, and off we went. We arrived at the door to discover it was closed! Since we had already paid for parking we stopped in at Cafe Kathmandu to give it a try.


I am so glad we did! Since there were three of us we decided just to do the sharing thing. My favourite thing that we ordered was Kothay (pork dumplings). They were soo delicious I just could not get enough of them! Luckily there were 10 of them with each order, so I got 4! We all agreed that we could have eaten all 10 on our own rather than sharing 10 between 3. Just deadly good!

The owner of the restaurant was super sweet and his attention to us made us aware that he certainly values his customers and wants them to return. Return we will!


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