Poetry Found on Craigslist

Here is a poem I wrote using text from the Missed Connections on Vancouver’s Craigslist.

Love’s Bosom – 26

You were picking your nose and i caught you,
it was around noon.
The moment my eyes met yours I melted a little on the inside
And I must add, you sported a fantastic and very honourable mo. 

I couldn’t stop staring at you and I noticed you looking at me too
just not sure if it’s because I was staring and you think I’m a weirdo or
you think I’m cute.
I hope you think Im cute.

And seconds later I’m out in the cold, thinking how it would of been nice
to find out if those few words were the beginning of a story.
Whatever story you may have,
I’ve got the time to listen.

I hope I’m not the only one who gets butterflies
You deserve to be lavished with attention and pleasures
A real man doesn’t love a million girls
He loves one girl in a million ways.

We might not be right for each other, we were explosive.
But sometimes I miss the flame
I know you probably won’t read this
I still think of you.

I gave you my number, you haven’t called.
Did you lose it?
We met by davie and beach.
Let’s not play this game any longer.

You ride a Yamaha and I ride a Vespa
We met last Friday at the Rickshaw and hung out
The next time I see you…I will definitely be kissing you
I’m gonna walk right up to you and plant a long soft wet one on ya

Get ready.
You’re gonna love it.

(Canada Line) You told me I have a very beautiful smile
… but then you got off the train and I didn’t have the chance to speak with you.
You have great blue eyes. I would love to see you again.
I’m yours.

I should have chased after you
I hope you walk by next time I’m drinking coffee so I can have a second chance.
I just wanted you to know you’re enchanting
If only dreams and second chances came true.

Anyways this is a long shot
but if you read this message me back
let’s grab a coffee
or a drink

A drink.

I saw your words in the missed connections and
I took your words to make them my own.
Your search is now over
You found each other in my poem.

Dec 1 Update: Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me and all the other writers as we read our poetry at Oryx and Crunk on November 30th. It was great to have such an amazing turn out! Also, I want to say Craigslist is amazing, as I have had some people read the poem and email me to tell me how much they enjoyed it! Thank you for the encouragement.


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