Getting started…

I am a teacher candidate at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I will be completing my Bachelor of Education in August 2011 with a focus in Secondary English. I decided to start this blog as a way of keeping myself immersed in the world of education.  I have started a twitter account for my teaching life (@msbayles) and am going to use the twitter and blog combination as a professional development tool. I don’t believe professional development is an event you attend only on Pro-D days, it is something that should happen on a daily basis. By using my blog to reflect on interesting conversations, articles, books and anything else I come across, I can deepen my understanding of where I stand on the issues surrounding education and, hopefully, in the process become a better educator.



  1. Greetings from Dalian, China!

    My blog and twitter are by far the two best things I have ever done for professional development… you are going to love the journey!

    Best of luck with your new adventure(s) in teaching and learning!

    1. Thank you David! I am really excited and looking forward to my practicum as well! My friend Jillian has been teaching at the Maple Leaf School in Dalian for three years now, is that where you are?

  2. I agree, you can never start blogging as a teacher too early (or too late)! Blogging = public reflection which means not only do you have a record of what you think over time, you also get to share your ideas with other educators.

    Looking forward to hearing about your practicum.

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