Why I Think Twitter is Amazing

Many people question the uses of twitter. As a personal user, I originally found it overwhelming and mostly a distraction. Then I set it up properly and decided upon a specific purpose for it, which made it immediately useful. I am currently tweeting as @msbayles to connect with teachers around the world. As a new teacher, I know that there are many things that I will only learn through experience, so why wouldn’t I want to hear from people who already have that experience? I know I still need to learn things the hard way, but it never hurts to have some support along the way. In fact, it has already been such a great help and I think it is improving the level of enjoyment I am getting out of teaching. I really enjoy teaching and I think part of that is being able to share with and relate to other teachers in my PLN via twitter.

My posts are a way for me to reflect on my own teaching and the thoughts of others on everything related to education. I have provided opinions and insight on many different topics, but as a new teacher much of what I say is really just me guessing. I haven’t had a chance to try everything I think of in the classroom (yet). Through my PLN I feel as though I am trying more than I actually am. I am living vicariously through others’ experience and am constantly being inspired by others. I am constantly learning.

I finally had my chance to add even more to the conversation this week when I shared the link to Show World on twitter. I went from someone who gets maybe 10 hits a day (when I post a new blog entry on twitter) to receiving over 1,000 hits in four days. I shared something that I thought was of value and others saw the value in this and they shared with their networks and so on and so forth.  That is why I think twitter is amazing. I have reached over 1000 people indirectly with one little message of less than 140 characters. The most amazing part is that it was a former teacher of mine who shared it with me. She still continues to educate me and is helping me educate others!

My tweet said: Every educator must see this map! SHOW®/WORLD – A New Way To Look At The World http://ht.ly/3Vews #edchat #bced #edtechbc

Here is a visual of my stats jump from a few hits a day to hundreds! It is also interesting to see how far it has traveled around the world. Only a quarter of the hits were from others in Canada. Have you had a similar experience on twitter?



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  2. Hi

    I’m enjoying your blog and am just becoming a Twitter user. I too am trying to hone it to be useful to me as an educator and writer.

    How are you able to show your most recent Twitter posts on your blog? I want to add that feature to mine but can’t seem to do it.


    • Ashley

      Hi Brian,
      It is one of the widgets available with my wordpress theme. Perhaps you can search through your theme settings and see if it is offered on yours. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Anonymous

    I totally agree and relate with you, Ms Bayles! There’s always a positive side to things, we just have to *choose* to look on it.

    May I ask how you found your Twitter stats? I’m pretty new to this and still trying to figure out how things work!

    Thanks in advance!

  4. I’m with you. At first, I was always on Facebook, connecting with teachers, but I didn’t get Twitter. Now it’s almost as if they’ve switched places in just a month or so. Twitter is a “place” where I can meet people with similar interests, mostly through the hash tags. 🙂

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