My Interest In Learning

Standard 7: Educators engage in career-long learning.
Educators engage in professional development and reflective practice, understanding that a hallmark of professionalism is the concept of professional growth over time. Educators develop and refine personal philosophies of education, teaching and learning that are informed by theory and practice. Educators identify their professional needs and work to meet those needs individually and collaboratively.

My Artifact: The image below is from the British Columbia Teachers of English Language Arts Conference Brochure. The image links to the full PDF of the Brochure with descriptions on the different workshops happening as part of the event. I attended the Saturday Sessions, Institute 2: Building Pathways to Learning.

My Reflection: By attending this conference I was given the chance to learn new things about my discipline and this artifact shows my commitment to professional development. I hope to be able to attend many such events during the course of my teaching career as part of my life-long learning process. At the conference I had the opportunity to connect with teachers from all over the Province, and to hear their opinions, suggestions, advice, and experiences in teaching English. From this learning I gained a greater understanding of the diversity of teaching across different environments even while teaching a single subject. Being able to collaborate with other teachers will give me an insight into different learning styles, and the ability to reflect on and improve upon my own teaching practice.

In my individual workshops, I learned about different types of texts and teaching to the many literacies our students face on a daily basis. How can we as teachers incorporate the vast array of texts such as films, graphic novels, images, and songs into our teaching while making it both interesting and educational? I heard some answers to this question and many others at the conference. Additionally, I have taken courses in teaching Media Studies, Photography, Literature, and Writing.

By continually updating my skills and learning about the latest research in the field of English education I will be better prepared to help my students and deal with any changes that our education system goes through. This helps me to help my students, and by attending conferences I am given the chance to meet teachers from all over the province to share our experiences and learn from each other. Accompanying my membership with the BCTELA I will receive articles written by other teachers in the field so I can learn from their experiences and keep up with the latest research being done.


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