Lessons to Aid in Learning

Standard 5: Educators implement effective practices in areas of planning, instruction, assessment, evaluation and reporting.
Educators have the knowledge and skills to facilitate learning for all students and know when to seek additional support for their practice. Educators thoughtfully consider all aspects of teaching, from planning through reporting, and understand the relationships among them. Educators employ a variety of instructional and assessment strategies.

My Artifact: This single lesson from a set of 5 stand alone lesson plans that I created as part of an assignment for my teaching methodology course. The lessons cover a range of modalities as they each have a focus on one of the core modalities, reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

English Lesson Plan – Poetry Writing

My Reflection: This artifact demonstrates my commitment to this Standard in that it recognizes the diversity of the classroom environment and different learning styles that my students may have. I included a variety of types of activities that challenge the students in different ways, providing different tools to assist them in their learning such as graphic organizers and other visual aids. The lessons range in focus across speaking, listening, reading, writing and more. The lessons cover a wide range of topics to ensure that students are able to connect personally to at least one of the themes we discuss related to that particular topic and allow them to make connections by providing additional resources that are relevant to the discussion and add a further dimension of learning.

Additionally, these lessons connect to the curricular requirements found in the English Integrated Resource Package. The concepts and methods I applied in my lessons are based in the foundations of education that I have been taught during my Education program and that I have found through academic research as well as through conversations with educators currently in the field and their anecdotal findings. The lessons employ different types of teaching and learning, which is then reflected through a diverse array of assessment and evaluation techniques. I will continue to build upon this knowledge and maintain my understanding of effective teaching practices so my style is relevant to my students and their lives.


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