Getting Involved in the Community

Standard 4: Educators value the involvement and support of parents, guardians, families and communities in schools.
Educators understand, respect and support the role of parents and the community in the education of students. Educators communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents and consider their advice on matters pertaining to their children.

My Artifact:

[Ashley] became actively involved in the life of the school community, working with students in the planning of a “Plan-It-Earth” Sustainability Conference attended by 200 participants. She helped students prepare for a contest by providing essay writing tips and and generally participated in the activities expected of involved teachers, attending staff and department meetings as well as professional days. She established good working relationships with a wide range of teachers and discussed and shared resources and teaching ideas as a part of her daily activities
– Faculty Advisor, Final Report

My Reflection:

Teaching is not an isolated act that only occurs in school,  it is something that is important for every member of society. Because of the social nature of education I believe that it is vital to involve the parents and outside organizations whenever possible. That being said, not all students have a strong home support system in place so as I teacher I try to realize this and provide as many opportunities to students as possible. During my practicum I attended parent-teacher interviews and discussed student progress with parents when required or desired. Many of my students had learning disabilities so I made sure to stay in contact with the support workers and skills teachers to ensure the students were getting what they needed. The skills teachers were often in contact with the parents so by working with them constantly the parents were better informed of how they could help their child succeed. I also believe that extra-curricular activities are important for student development so I assisted with the planning of a student-led conference on sustainability. I also attended field trips, sports matches, lunchtime events and fundraisers, the school play, and I chaperoned the Halloween dance.

My future teaching will continue to build upon the involvement of community and parents because in doing so the whole support system for students is strengthened. Students feel their interests are validated if they see their teachers supporting these types of events outside of class time. To be relevant to student lives it is necessary for teachers to connect with the students’ home lives and community involvement.


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