Writing Prompt Experiments

Standard 3: Educators understand and apply knowledge of student growth and development.
Educators are knowledgeable about how children develop as learners and as social beings, and demonstrate an understanding of individual learning differences and special needs. This knowledge is used to assist educators in making decisions about curriculum, instruction, assessment and classroom management.

My Artifact: This is one page of a series of writing prompts that I completed for my course on teaching writing. I was required to develop my own writing prompts that I want to use in the classroom and then to use them to do my own writing and see how effective they are.

My Reflection: This demonstrates my commitment to achieving this standard in the future, because by using the knowledge I learned in my teaching students with exceptionalities class, I considered the different types of prompts that may inspire students with all types of learning differences. Additionally, a properly designed prompt will provide students with special needs to complete the assignment as well since it can be design to assist them in ways that relate to their specific needs. For example, by having EAL students write a poem that focuses on a certain part of speech, such as having them write a poem using prepositions, they are learning about the function of the English language while writing and the constraints provide them focus while removing the pressure of writing a poem. Students will focus more on the constraint than any worries they may have over having to write a poem.

By doing the prompts myself I was able to ensure the prompts are something I find interesting, because if I assign my students something that doesn’t even interest me it certainly will not interest them. If I have done it myself, I am able to provide them with an example of it, passionately explain to them the benefit I found in doing it myself and why I believe it is useful for them to do as well. Children develop as learners and social beings by following a role model and through experience. Since I have engaged in the same learning process as them, I will be able to help them to develop an understanding of themselves as they grow and change. I will continue to employ this method before assigning work to my students so I can better predict problem areas and in turn help my students succeed.


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