Model Behaviour and Activities

Standard 2: Educators are role models who act ethically and honestly.
Educators act with integrity, maintaining the dignity and credibility of the profession. They understand that their individual conduct contributes to the perception of the profession as a whole. Educators are accountable for their conduct while on duty, as well as off duty, where that conduct has an effect on the education system. Educators have an understanding of the education system in BC and the law as it relates to their duties.

My Artifact:

This is a screen shot from the Education Generation website, a non-profit organization I have been involved with since 2008.



My Reflection:

I have always been an actively engaged citizen and credit this to the opportunities I was given as a child through my family, school, and community. In high school I co-chaired a youth conference called Open Voices that addressed numerous issues that affected students from all over British Columbia and the world. I even managed to work with the Canadian Red Cross to get Damon, a de-miner from Bosnia, to come and explain the work that he does to disarm landmines. Students attending the conference were then able to learn more and possibly picture the dangers students in Bosnia faced on a daily basis every time they stepped outside their front door. These are a collection of organizations or events I have been involved with that show my interest in education as a whole. I believe that educators are role models and as such they should demonstrate an active participation in the world around them and provide opportunities for students to succeed. Education Generation is an organization I got involved with in August 2008 when I joined the team as Communications Manager. Being one of the Directors of the organization gave me the opportunity to really feel I could make a difference and help people come together to share their experiences with education and allow others the opportunity to follow their dreams. Education Generation is run entirely by volunteers and we partner with charities providing scholarships and unique educational programs to student leaders in communities in developing countries.

This is important to my future teaching because it gives me examples of my interests and passions to share with my students. Being aware of the situations students face in our own communities and across the globe will allow them to better relate to the lives of others and make informed decisions in their every day lives. If students see that I am passionate about education as a whole they will know I really do care for their best interests. Also, by encouraging students to get involved in their communities by volunteering for an organization they are passionate about or to attend a conference to learn more, they are taking the first step in becoming globally literate.



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