The Joys of Digital Media and Creative Commons

I think the internet is amazing.

I have started sharing my work more freely and with less copyright restrictions (depending on the piece) on the internet. Mostly with my photography (which I take for pleasure and hope that others enjoy) because I would rather people share it than to keep it for myself. Plus, so many people just take work without permission, I may as well give them that permission so they at least credit me for my work.

I post my photography on Flickr in hopes that people will see it. I have found my photos on Wikipedia articles, on University websites, and have been asked by tour guides and hotels if they can use my photos in their books or on their websites.

Today I read an article in the Vancouver Sun about the fact that Stanley Park petting zoo goats were possibly slaughtered for meat. I went to the petting zoo a couple years ago and LOVED it. Those goats were so friendly and cute that I spent all day there just hanging out with them and taking photos. When I read this article, I remember how great a place it was and how sweet the goats were. Then, just a few hours after reading that article, I got an emailed from the Toronto Star, asking if they could use my photos of the farm!

Since I had published my photos of the Children’s Farmyard on Flickr and they were seen by someone at the Toronto Star, I now have a photo credit along with the Toronto Star’s article on this sad story.


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