Adopt a Seedling – Bogota, Colombia

Imagine my surprise as I walk out of my apartment and past the park on the way to catch the Transmilenio. I pass this odd contraption holding a bunch of 2 litre pop bottles filled with dirt and seedlings.

The sign underneath it read:

Adopt a Seedling

-Gooseberry        -Parsley

-Lettuce            -Mint

-Thyme              -Cilanto

Someone had taken the time to make this elaborate system to hold all these seedlings and they even posted them along a fence and each one (although some had been lost in the wind) had the name of the plant and care instructions for its adoptive parents to follow.

The photo above is of lettuce with instructions saying it needs to be watered twice a day and then transplanted in one week.

Imagine how much the world would improve if everyone did this? If Bogota, Colombia can do it, any city can!

I challenge other people to do a similar experiment in their community. Sit and watch as happy adoptive parents take their new plants home and start their own garden.

If you have done something like this, please share your story in the comments!


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