Old Interview Footage Found!

The Cheaper Show No. 9

Through twitter I recently reconnected with Patt Legar who had interviewed me during The Cheaper Show No. 9 back in June 2010. The Cheaper Show is a curated art show and in my year only 200 artists were selected from over 1000 applicants . All work is priced at a very reasonable $200 regardless of market value, so you can get some amazing deals on new artists.  The year I participated there were over 7000 people that attended in just one night. People line up early to be the first ones in to buy their favourite pieces. Two of my photographs sold in the first hour!

Anyhow, back to Patt. Through twitter she lend me the link to the interview her company did of me during the show. Obviously, with 200 artists there is not enough time to interview everyone, so I felt fortunate to be one of the artists they did interview. I never actually saw the footage and just remember being so nervous that I would say the wrong thing that I didn’t even remember what I had said! Well, Patt just sent me the link to the video file, so here it is!

Click here to view my first ever live art show interview! My part starts around the 11:25 mark.

The Cheaper Show No. 10 is on June 25 this year. Click here for event information.


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