About Ashley

Ashley is a student in UBC’s teacher education program with tremendous potential; she has been involved in her community and school since she was a young adult and has worked on many innovative projects. In 2006, she received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of British Columbia. During her time at UBC Ashley designed and coordinated a fourth year English Majors Seminar on how popular culture and music interact. Guest speakers arranged by her included the well-known Canadian actor and television personality, Terry David Mulligan. An article on her work with this course was featured on the UBC homepage and in the UBC Reports journal, she was also interviewed by CBC Radio.

After graduation, Ashley spent a year living in Bogotá, Colombia where she was teaching English. During that year she also traveled to other parts of Colombia, including Cartagena where she attended the InterAmerican Press Association Conference in March, 2007. She was also able to explore Panama, and the Amazon region in Colombia, Brazil and Peru. While living in South America, Ashley was able to learn Spanish.

In late 2007 Ashley returned to Vancouver to where she completed an Honours Diploma in Entertainment Business Management from the Vancouver Film School. Since graduating from VFS, Ashley has worked with local organizations in fields such as music licensing, science education, web development, and advertising by utilizing her diverse skill base.  Currently, Ashley is the Communications Manager at Education Generation where she manages the team’s communications and marketing efforts.

Born in the United States of America to Canadian parents, Ashley now lives in Vancouver and enjoys the benefits of her dual citizenship. In her personal time she pursues her interests in reading, going to concerts, traveling, camping (and getting outdoors in general), pilates, and practicing her Spanish.


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